Why Scentora



Scentora Raw Materials. Photo by Shruthi Parthasarathy.

More local

Team Scentora works hard to ensure that the ingredients used are sourced locally. We make it a point to support small businesses whose practices align with our values one way or the other. 

OCD for green packaging

We also care about obtaining raw materials package-free (mostly plastic-packaging free). It is not always easy to convince our vendors to ship plastic-free and sometimes we do not succeed, but we do our best to insist on such delivery practices every time. Check out How We Pack to know about Scentora's packing approaches for product delivery. We also have a Jar Return Scheme.

Scentora's Face and Body Packs

Nurturing sustainability

Team Scentora puts in a whole lot of research to find out if the ingredients we want to use meet environmental and sustainability standards. We give equal attention to our production operations, ensuring that all of our supplies and production processes respect our values.

Whatever we know, you know

The most important value for us is transparency, and for this reason, we share all the behind-the-scenes on our website and social media channels, including all the ingredients we put in our products. No nasties! Check out our blog to read more about how Scentora manufactures its products and for other behind-the-scenes news.