Jar Return Scheme

Scentora's Products. Photo by Hemalatha


Scentora stores its products in glass/metal jars and these jars are reusable. You can store food, stationery, collectibles, and more. And we recommend that you reuse them in any way you can.

But in case you don't need it anymore, we've got you covered. We offer a program where you can return these jars after use and we'll sterilize these to reuse them for subsequent orders!

Return Scheme Rules & Process

What jars can you return and how many at a time -

Scentora's Jar Return Scheme
  • Only the dropper bottles, oil bottles, aluminium containers, the small jars, and the larger-sized jars that Scentora uses for product packing are applicable for return.
    • We will not collect any other type of container that Scentora cannot use for product packing.
    • Verify that the bottle/jar to be returned is not broken, bent, or cracked.
  • Please wash the jars with soap and water, dry it and pack it up. Pack lightly and securely, please!
  • To reduce carbon footprints, please ensure that you return three or more jars during one handover.
What do you get in exchange -
  • For a return of any three jars or more, you will receive a discount code of at least 50 INR that you can use for your next Scentora order. 
  • No discounts offered for returns of less of three jars. 

How can you return these jars -

Scentora's product packaging - Jar Return Scheme

  • If you live in Bangalore, a member of team Scentora can collect the containers from you at a specified place that is acceptable to both parties.
    • In case you cannot meet us and are willing to cover shipping costs, you can simply ship it to an address we provide.
  • If you live outside Bangalore and are willing to cover shipping costs, we accept returns on three jars or more.
  • You can write us an e-mail or message us on our social media platforms for our shipping address.