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Eco-friendly Stationery and Greetings

Dopolgists are specialists in the manufacture and sale of newspaper color pencils, seed pencils, customized seed paper cards, and more similar products

Nidhi - Therapy for The Soul Customised Gifting Nidhishree is an artist and architect with a talent for creating beautiful mandalas. She also customises designs on fridge magnets, nameplates, postcards, calendars, and a lot more
Soulfullymade Crafts Decorative Ornaments Soulfullymade Crafts sells handmade macrame decor and other sustainably-made products that can be customised for gifting
Rina Maria Illustrations Personalised Gifts Rina Maria makes coasters, bookmarks, digital illustrations, and mandalas that can be personalized to customer's preferences
Amukta Jewelry and Upcycled Gifts Amukta sells handcrafted jewelry in a variety of designs and makes bookmarks and other decorative items from upcycled textiles
Knot Tale Macrame Home Decor Macramist Mahima Pauline creates unique macrame home decor that includes customised wall hangings, dreamcatchers, coasters, keychains, and more
Art by VShetts Upcycled Bottle Art Varun Shetty makes customized and unique art on upcycled bottles, including fan art.
Shruti Parthasarathy Seed Paper Postcards and Calendars Shruthi is a photographer who designs and sells seed paper postcards with special messages and calendars. These seed paper gifts can be planted to grow beautiful saplings.


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