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Vegan mylk, peanut curd, vegan mayonnaise, vegan butter.


GoodMylk aims to make plant-based foods more affordable. Some of their products include mylk, peanut curd, vegan mayonnaise, and vegan butter

EMKAY Food Products

Vegan ghee, vegan tea and coffee premixes

Emkay sells vegan ghee, sugar and, dairy-free tea, coffee and milk powder.

Bombay Cheese Company

Vegan cheddar cheese


Bombay Cheese Company sells one of the best vegan cheddar cheeses in the Indian market

Dittoo Ice Creams

Dairy-free Ice Creams 

Bengaluru's destination for all vegan ice creams

Let's Get Baked

Low-waste and Vegan Recipe Blog

Let's Get Baked is a self-taught baker's collection of delicious vegan/low-waste recipes that anyone can make


Vegan Nutrition Shakes

Strive makes lip-smacking plant protein shakes that can be availed on a subscription basis

Vijay Sweets

Plant-based Sweets and Savouries

Vijay Sweets is a Coimbatore-based business that sells vegan, traditional Indian sweets and savouries across the globe

Divyams Natural Products Cold-pressed oils, Cooking & Cleaning Essentials, Traditional Indian Snacks Divyams Natural Products sells a variety of cold-pressed oils, cooking essentials, cleaning materials, and yummy snacks. They also have natural health care remedies and advocate for moving towards a more natural, organic way of living 

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