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What Does Chemical-Free Mean?

Ambica Gayathri Knowledge Sharing

Scentora busts myths about "chemical-free"

Nothing is chemical-free! Scentora busts myths about the term chemical-free and reasons out what it actually means and how it came to be.

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Cosmetic Preservatives - Why We Need Them

Ambica Gayathri Knowledge Sharing

Cosmetic Preservatives - Scentora Explains

An explanation of cosmetic preservatives and reasons as to why they are required in products.

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Why Not Palm Oil?

Brunda Sreedhar Knowledge Sharing

Scentora's take on palm oil

Learn about our take on palm oil!

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Natural Cream Deodorants 101

Brunda Sreedhar All About Scentora More About Scentora's Products

Scentora's Cream Deodorant

How Scentora's natural cream deodorants work, tips, and tricks for a healthy armpit.

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DIY Earth-Friendly Dry Shampoo

Brunda Sreedhar DIY

Scentora's DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

Worried about not having time to wash your hair before the party? Running late from the gym? Scentora's got you covered with a DIY dry shampoo recipe

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