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Guide To Hair Types

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Scentora's shampoo bars

A guide to choosing Scentora's pH-balanced, conditioning shampoo bar. Identify your scalp type, hair type and explore ways to care for your hair.

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What Does Chemical-Free Mean?

Ambica Gayathri Knowledge Sharing

Scentora busts myths about "chemical-free"

Nothing is chemical-free! Scentora busts myths about the term chemical-free and reasons out what it actually means and how it came to be.

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Cosmetic Preservatives - Why We Need Them

Ambica Gayathri Knowledge Sharing

Cosmetic Preservatives - Scentora Explains

An explanation of cosmetic preservatives and reasons as to why they are required in products.

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Why Not Palm Oil?

Brunda Sreedhar Knowledge Sharing

Scentora's take on palm oil

Learn about our take on palm oil!

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Natural Cream Deodorants 101

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Scentora's Cream Deodorant

How Scentora's natural cream deodorants work, tips, and tricks for a healthy armpit.

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