Will this give me 100% results?

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When we are at stalls and customers approach us trying to know more about our products, a lot of people have asked us this, “Will this give me 100% results?” or “So, you guarantee that this will work for me, right?”

Now, we try to tell our customers that we do not promise that. Why?

Because frankly, it is unethical to promise that, since there are so many factors at play.

100% Results


Now, I understand that it has become the norm for companies/businesses to promise something that may or may not turn out to happen. We have all seen ads with promises like, "Clearer skin in just one week", "Dark circles gone completely, guaranteed" and the like.

Scentora could do the same.

So, why don't we?

Because we have also been a part of the system that has listened and believed so many promises just like this. We know very well that tiny drop of guilt that fills us up when we have bought a product with a lot of our money but regretted buying it later because it never worked.

So am I saying, "Don't buy anything" or "We promise nothing"?

Nope. I am not saying that. Please do bear with me as I explain. I think this is very important to understand.


  1. The use of natural, good quality and local-sourced raw materials to make our products at home. These materials provide the catalyst to make a difference in skin care.

  2. Good research on what ingredients work for customers and what variations we can offer for different skin types.

  3. Calculate the cost and effort required to make the product and decide on a price that is economical for both the customer as well as justifiable to us producers.

  4. Transparency on all the ingredients we use so that customers know what is being put into their product and can be mindful of allergies, if any.


You may see this heading and think, "Uh oh, is there gonna be a lecture about how unhealthily I live my life? I don't wanna read this right now".

Well, you are not wrong. It is about healthy and unhealthy life choices. The only difference is that I am not going to lecture you. I'm just going to put out some questions in general.

  • Why is taking care of yourself considered a cheesy subject?

  • Why has living and eating unhealthy become a trend?

  • Why are people ignored if they ask you to eat right, sleep right and have a good balance in life?

And we have all heard this answer below. I confess that I have said the same:

"I totally get what you are saying. You are absolutely right. But I work (x) number of hours in a day and when I finally get home, I just want to sleep. So, I just don't have the time to relax and take care of myself".

I empathize. The thing is, I also understand that this is all in the mind.


Alright, okay. You guys know where that paragraph was headed, so I am not going any further with that.

Instead, I'd like to focus on what we love hearing from customers (Paraphrasing here):

  • "So, I tried your body butter tester a few hours back. And then I told you guys that I'll come back if your product lasts on my skin for a good while. And it lasts! I would like to buy it now"

  • "I never knew that conventional lip balms give only an approximate of 5 grams for a huge price. Your lip balms have lasting flavours and last for a good while too!"

  • "I've been following how you guys practise zero-waste and it has made me more mindful of the resources I use everyday"

Obviously, I'm happy if people buy and like the products we make. It's just that I have a huge amount of respect for customers who have these moments of awareness and educate themselves about personal care products while having a practicality that comes with buying & using products.


So yes, the "gyan" I'm trying to give out here is:

  • Taking care of ourselves is underrated

  • 100% results are honestly a myth

  • Be conscious of the products you buy

  • We are not skin care experts, by the way. We have no right to even assume that of ourselves

  • Healthy lifestyles are essential for any product to work. And yes, you need to give these products the time and effort for it to work

I shall stop rambling now.


Written by Ambica Gayathri (Co-Founder of Scentora)

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