What Does Chemical-Free Mean?

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“So, these products are all chemical-free, right?”
We’ve heard this. Have you?

Let’s see if this term makes sense in the world of cosmetic chemistry.
Spoiler alert! It doesn’t.

Scentora busts myths about "chemical-free"


All products are made of a number of chemicals. Why? Because all substances are chemicals. And when we mean all substances, we mean ALL substances. Water is itself a chemical.

Therefore, by this logic, a chemical-free product is just nothingness.


If this term is incorrect, then why has it gained popularity? Where did this term come from?

Chemical-free is a misguided term that is very commonly used in marketing to explain the use of natural ingredients in skin care and personal care.

Chemical-Free Doesn't Make Sense

In marketing, the term chemical-free is used to categorize the product to be healthy, safe or eco-friendly. As to why it has gained popularity, honestly I’m not quite sure.


What we should actually be asking about when buying or using ANY cosmetic product:

  1. Are the products skin-safe and non-toxic?
  2. How do these ingredients help make the product work for me?
  3. Do I have any known allergies to any of the ingredients in this product?


It is more important to say no to toxic chemicals or chemicals that adversely affect the environment rather than shame all chemicals.


Written by Ambica Gayathri (Co-Founder of Scentora)

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