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Achieving flawless or perfect skin is an unreasonably high bar to set for ourselves. I have personally obsessed and gotten anxious over pimples, marks, uneven tones of the underarms, and the many other flaws on my skin.

That obsession did nothing for me except to amplify my insecurities. And I believe it’s the same for everyone. So, let’s have a mindful conversation about the idea of perfect skin and how it has caused more harm than good.

Scentora discusses the obsession with flawless skin


I had this particular conversation with my friend where I was showing her the website of a clothing brand that features male and female models of darker skin colors with uneven skin tones, pimple marks, and other imperfections perfectly visible on every photograph.

This was the first time that my friend saw such alternative models posing for any brand. And there was confusion on her face; a conflict of thought between what she was expecting and what she was actually seeing.

And her reaction was completely normal. This is because companies have thoroughly brainwashed us to believe that a certain complexion, a certain body shape, and size with no visible flaws is what we must work towards and what we should look for in others.

This memory stuck with me because I realized that the brainwashing is real, tangible, and something that we actually see every day. It was not just some conspiracy with no visible proof.

And I am sure many of you will have similar stories of what your friends or family have told you or what you have experienced in your own life.


When we (Brunda and Ambica) started Scentora, we started off by wanting to make affordable skincare products that people can benefit from.

Over time, our principles evolved and slowly we began to focus on promoting healthy skin and living healthy lifestyles as well. And this shift in Scentora’s focus positively influenced our personal lives too.

As we began to research more about skincare routines, different skin types, etc., I slowly grew out of the phase where I would be constantly embarrassed about my darker underarms and stretch marks.

And as we began to educate more and more people about the fact that what we eat and how we live affects skin health just as much, we consciously adopted those changes in our lives.

We made sure to not make unrealistic promises when we sell our products and aimed to teach people that 100% results from any skincare product is a myth.

To know more about what Scentora promises and why 100% results are a myth, check out our blog here.


The strategy for a good lifestyle

Now, I’m not here to insist that you live your life this way or that way. I would simply like you to consider the following when you look at yourself in the mirror:

  • Understanding – 

See if you know and understand your skin and hair type. If not, do a little research to identify the basics of your skin and hair type and how it behaves in different environments.

Then, find skin and hair care products that work for you and see if the company and its products align with your values, whatever they may be.

To know more about identifying your hair type, take a look at our guide here.

  • Maintenance –
Next would be to analyze if you are doing enough to take care of your skin when in any environment:
    • Are you sufficiently shielding yourself from dust and pollution?
    • Are you hydrating yourself and eating good foods?
    • Do you maintain your skin, hair, and enjoy the skin and hair care routine you follow?
    • And women, are you dealing well with your menstrual cycle and / or PCOS?
    • Are all of you getting enough rest and dealing well with the mood swings of life?

Maintenance is just as important as buying the right products, maybe even more so.

  • Effort –

Once you understand the natural state of your skin and hair, find good products, and figure out what you are doing to maintain your appearance, the next thing to do would be to continue your effort or put in more effort, depending on your current level of maintenance.

And make sure you protect yourself inside out, not just from pollution, but also from other people’s unrealistic expectations of how you should look.
  • Acceptance –

And finally, even if you follow good routines and have good practices, there may be a sudden acne outbreak, tanning, pimple mark, or any other blemish that may take time to get rid of.

And that is alright. That is okay.
There are a number of biological and environmental factors that can cause those sudden outbreaks. So, do not judge yourself too harshly even after you have put in enough effort. Please accept yourself and keep achievable goals for your appearance.



So, to summarize, everyone has imperfections and flaws. And no skin/hair care product is going to give you 100% results on making you look flawless.

Finding good skincare products are just the catalyst to having good skin and hair. The other 60-70% of it comes from your effort and maintenance. So, keep achievable goals for your skin and hair health, and work towards them.

Lastly, we at Scentora believe that such mental-health characteristics and the psychological aspects of skin/hair care are just as important to cover since they form a major part of our lives. 

Do you have a story you’d like to share or other topics you want covered? Leave us a comment!


Written by Ambica Gayathri (Co-founder of Scentora)

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