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Shampoo Bar FAQs

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Scentora's pH-balanced Shampoo Bars

Scentora's pH-balanced shampoo bars have sparked a lot of curiosity and inquiry. Here are a few FAQs about Scentora's conditioning shampoo bars.

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The Obsession With Flawless

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Scentora discusses the obsession with flawless skin

Achieving flawless or perfect skin is an unreasonably high bar to set for ourselves. So, let’s have a conversation about the idea of perfect skin and its harmful effects.

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All About That Sulphate

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Is SLS Safe? Scentora answers.

Is SLS or sodium lauryl sulphate dangerous? Is SLS toxic? Is SLS carcinogenic? Does SLS bioaccumulate and harm you?

Scentora highlights and answers all these questions and more. 

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Understanding Sunscreens

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Sunscreens - An explanation by Scentora

Sunscreens are meant to protect us from harmful UV rays. So, how do commercial sunscreens achieve that? And do DIY sunscreens work? Scentora does a deep dive to answer all these questions.

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What Does Chemical-Free Mean?

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Scentora busts myths about "chemical-free"

Nothing is chemical-free! Scentora busts myths about the term chemical-free and reasons out what it actually means and how it came to be.

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