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Hello lovelies! 

I am Manasa from Bangalore, a fitness enthusiast and a pop pilates instructor who is also on a mission to change the way women think about their health and to destroy all the barriers and self beliefs that they may have been taught along the way. 

If you are here, then you love Scentora just as much as I do and you might also have an interest in sustainable self-care and veganism. Let us get comfortable here with a cozy cup of coffee as I introduce you to take a look at life through my lens by using a different range of Scentora products. 

For me, it had always been a task to find truly genuine and sustainable businesses when it came to skin and hair care. But, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Scentora; the kind of message it portrayed along with it being a small business (I am a wholehearted supporter of small businesses) I was enticed to try one of the products. I was introduced into the world of exfoliation, perfume infused bath salts and aroma of essential oils through body butters. To top it all off, they are all handmade, use sustainable materials and are all natural ingredients!

Here is a glimpse of what a Scentora inspired day would look like -

You have just had the most well rested sleep. You have killed that workout you had scheduled for the day; you are sweaty and high on endorphins. After a luscious bath, your washroom smells of Lavender and Rosemary bath salts that you used for relaxing your muscles and mind. Your skin feels smooth and smells of coffee as you exfoliate your entire body with a much needed scrub. You head over to the mirror in search of your beloved Nourisher Oil which contains oils like jojoba, rosehip, sweet almond and Vitamin E leaving your skin feeling supple and glowing.

Ah, but then you don’t forget to use the Rose and Oats face pack right before you oil which you know is essential to erase your blackheads, if any and make your skin feel lighter. You feel refreshed and dab on some natural cream deodorant. You feel confident to take over what the day brings and head out.



Did you realise that none of the products you used here contained any toxic chemicals nor were they used via a plastic box/case?

Do you realise how BIG of a difference that makes in your daily life and if, just like you, your friend, your colleague, your parents, your cousins start doing the same, imagine the ripple effect of it all?

Wonderful picture, isn’t it?

I urge you to think of this long and hard before you purchase the next time from any brands that do not align with your values of sustainability in the future. You and I are both in this together and we are here to make this planet a better place, just like Scentora’s mission is. This might not seem like an ideal situation for you and yes, you need not pamper yourself with so many products if you are not into it. But, this is an invitation into how my days look like spread over an entire week, and not just one day.

I do purchase all of my self-care products from Scentora because of the trust in the value it provides in my life. I hope this painted a beautiful picture in your imagination and restored any faith in your mission into a sustainable self care journey.

P.S. Yes, that picture was clicked after I was bathed and immersed in a range of Scentora products for real!!



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