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Let's talk hair types. More specifically, your scalp type AND your hair type. This post is meant to be a guide to choosing Scentora's shampoo bars.

Scentora's Shampoo Bars

Note: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, remember to check with your doctor if these products can be used.


Scalp types can be oily, itchy, dry or normal. Scentora has shampoo bars to handle these types.

  • Oily: If you have to wash your hair every day or every alternate day due to greasiness (excess sebum formation), then you have an oily scalp. If you always have to rinse and repeat because your hair does not feel clean, you have an oily to very oily scalp and for this main reason, the oily / fine shampoo bar is the best fit for you.
    • Our oily / fine shampoo bar is scented with orange, sage and cedarwood essential oils and has kokum butter with jojoba oil. So, it will gently cleanse the hair, remove oil from the scalp but most importantly, it won't weigh the hair down.
  • Normal to Dry: If you have to wash your hair every three or four days, you have normal to dry hair. And the normal shampoo bar is recommended for this hair type.
    • Scentora's normal shampoo bar has lavender and patchouli essential oils with kokum butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil as well.
    • Normal-Dry to Very Dry:  If you can go more than five days without washing your hair, you have normal-dry to very dry hair. This means your hair can handle the dry / curly shampoo bar. 
      • The dry / curly shampoo bar has lemon and peppermint essential oils. Since dry hair needs a lot of moisture and extra conditioning, we've also added cocoa and shea butter to the formula. It also works great for curly hair and helps tame the curls.
      • Itchy Scalp: If your scalp is predominantly itchy and handling the itchiness is your first priority while washing your hair, then the itchy shampoo bar will work for you.
        • This bar is infused with rosemary, tea tree and peppermint essential oils. It especially has the goodness of green clay and neem powder to deal with itchiness and dandruff issues.

        HAIR TYPES

        It is also important to identify your hair type apart from your scalp type, mainly to understand the science behind your hair and care for it better.

        Based on hair thickness -

        • Fine hair refers to hair that has very few layers of cuticle. Finer hair tends to break off more easily and can’t take much harm.
        • Medium hair is a term for hair that has more layers of cuticle. Medium hair refers to the thickness of the hair and not the length of the hair.
        • Coarse hair is a type that has a lot of layers in the hair and can withstand chemical hair treatments and more.

        The basic idea is that thicker hair types have a greater endurance to hair treatments.

        Based on hair length -

        • Short to medium-length hair requires basic maintenance effort. As long as you identify your scalp type well, you can take care of it accordingly. Medium-length hair may have dry ends and that needs to be nourished from time to time.
        • Anyone with long hair (below the middle of the back and longer), will definitely have dry ends. IMPORTANT: This does not mean you have dry hair. It just means you need to think about how to condition and treat those ends to make it silky.


        Shampoos basically clean our hair from the scalp to the hair strands to the tips of the hair. They clean out the sebum, dirt, residue / effect of styling products and more. Some people lather their hair till the ends with shampoo and others concentrate it on the scalp, according to their preference.

        The function of the conditioner on the other hand is to treat split ends, moisturise dry hair and reduce frizziness.

        So, if you have dry hair, you can use the conditioner to moisturize. And also, the more chemically-treated your hair is, the more conditioning it needs.

        But if you have an oily scalp, keep the conditioner away from your scalp! If you have very fine hair that has never been treated, a conditioner may not be required as much.


        Choose your shampoo bar based on your scalp type as the bars already have conditioning ingredients in them.

        You can also choose based on what your hair currently needs. Need moisture-lock or need to nourish your curls? Try the dry / curly variant. Need to deal with itchiness? Try the variant for itchy hair. Need a simple, basic conditioning cleanser? Try normal.


        If you are habituated to using other conditioners, you can try this: On your first wash with Scentora's shampoo bar, skip your usual conditioner phase and see how your hair behaves. If it is manageable even without the individual conditioner, then it's a win-win!

        Also, if you have a post-wash routine, skip it the first time you use Scentora's shampoo bar and see how your hair behaves. You can always go back to it if you feel otherwise.


        Written and edited by Brunda Sreedhar and Ambica Gayathri (Co-Founders of Scentora)

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