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Scentora In My Life

Do I use my own products? Yes, I do.
Really? .... Yes, really.
So, to prove the point here, I thought I'd give a brief glance into my daily routine, why I use these Scentora products for my routine and talk about the results of using these products with absolute transparency. Let's start from the start then.


I brush using the Nanjangud tooth powder. I prefer the sweet variant of it and I usually mix the powder with coconut oil to form a paste. I mix the paste with my toothbrush and use it.
Tooth powder in palm   Tooth powder with coconut oil  
What you can expect:
It took me a while to get used to this tooth powder because memory would tell me that I should be tasting mint and sweetness from my toothpaste.
Memory also tells me that there should be foam and lather when I brush, but that will not be the case here. From this tooth powder, you will get a mild sweetish taste, a fine-grain-like texture with a tiny hit of mint, very unlike commercial toothpastes.
The process of unlearning:
So in the beginning, it might feel unusual and that's completely okay. Just know that this tooth powder is just as effective to clean teeth without all those unnecessary chemicals, the extra-minty mint and that taste commonly associated with toothpastes. This tooth powder performs the basic function of a toothpaste, which is to clean the teeth, without all the extra fireworks.
Please note that the tooth powder will not be available on the site. You can leave a note in your order to include these tooth powders.
I have long since had this habit of oiling my hair, letting it soak for a good 30 minutes and then washing my hair with a mild shampoo. I continue this same routine with the Herbal Hair Oil.
Hair Oil - Representation
The process:
I massage the oil well onto my scalp, using the fingertips to blend the oil in. Once I've covered the scalp with the oil, I apply a small amount of it onto the ends of the hair. Then I comb my hair so that the oil slicks onto the length of the hair too. After 30 minutes, I wash it off with shikhakai or shampoo.
Keep that moisture:
I try to make sure that not all of the oil is lost when I wash my hair. The hair needs the moisture and it is counter-productive to wash away all the oil after every wash. Your hair is just going to end up drier than before. So, after washing your hair, make sure your hair isn't greasy or too dry but has enough oil in it for your fingers to still run smoothly through the wet hair. This way, you won't feel like you need to condition your hair after wash.
Coffee Scrub:
On alternate days, I use the Shea Coffee Body Scrub for my bath. Onto damp body, I use the scrub like a normal soap, massaging it onto skin. I then wash off as usual, making sure I remove all traces of the coffee grounds.
Coffee Scrub on damp arm
So I simply use the scrub, wash off and that's my whole bath. I do not use a bath powder or soap after that because I like how the shea butter and coconut oil smoothens my skin. I don't even require a body butter after that because my skin has enough moisture already.
 Orange Clay pack:
On days where I don't use the Coffee Scrub, I use the Orange Clay pack as a bath powder. Similar to the scrub, I make a paste with water, apply it on damp body and wash it off. I use Orange Clay because I have heavy tan lines on my arms which I'd like to gradually get rid off. And even though de-tanning with Orange Clay takes a good while, I'm happy with the results.
I avoid using soaps on my face. Instead, I use the Rose Oats face pack by making a paste of it with water. So, everyday, after a body bath, I use the Rose Oats face pack to wash my face. I also use it in the evening when I get back home and sometimes before I go to bed. It is a mild cleanser and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. Never going back to using soaps on my face.
Whether I'm stepping out for the day or staying at home, I always use the cream deodorant after my bath. I take a single swipe of the cream deodorant and apply it on armpits. Then, I apply just a pinch of the body butter on my face to keep the moisture in and dab a bit of rose water on my face (just because it makes me feel fresh). I use the body butter on my arms and legs only on days when I use the bath powder or when I step out for the day.
Cream Deo - The amount to use
My favourite flavours -
Cream Deodorant: Herb Harvest (Rosemary & Tea Tree). It has a soothing flavour that I like.
Body Butter: Mint & Berry with kokum butter as a must, along with either shea butter / mango butter
I always carry a lip balm with me wherever I go and use it whenever I feel like my lips are getting dry. My lips chap easily, so I use the lip scrub every 3 or 4 days. The lip scrub easily removes dead skin and leaves a smooth layer of skin after use. I apply my lip balm after that.
My favourite lip balm flavours - Orange Orange, Chocolate Anthem, Quirky Peppermint.
If I am working late through the night, I use the Nourisher Oil before I go to bed. I apply just 2 drops of it onto my fingers and massage it well on my face, concentrating on the eyes. This helps relieve the stress that my eyes were under, staring at computer screens for a long while.
Nourisher Oil - Representation
Stalls and pop-ups take a lot out of us. We are required to be at the venue for almost an entire day ("We" includes me and Brunda here, by the way). Sometimes there's good shade, sometimes it's very sunny and almost always, it's tiring. The most common thing we face is that our feet begin to hurt.
Now, how do we deal with that? Bath Salts. After a long stall day, we fill up half a bucket with warm water and put 1-2 spoonfuls of the bath salts in it. Give it a gentle mix and just dip your feet in. I usually rest my feet in it for a good 20 minutes before I resume with other work.
Bath Salts - Representation
My favourite bath salt fragrance: Herb & Shrub (Lavender and Rosemary)
And that's all folks!
So what are your favourites? What's your daily routine with Scentora? Or even without Scentora for that matter. Share your experiences with us. We'd love to hear them.
Written by Ambica Gayathri (Co-Founder of Scentora)

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